ELLE is a brand targeting an independent woman who is full of confidence and enjoys modern style.

ELLE creates total lifestyle with simple and feminine fashion and accessories.

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  • Innerwear

    ELLE Innerwear suggests modern and dynamic style in the woman's innerwear with practical sense having urban, intellectual and fashionable mood.

  • Travel Bag

    ELLE Luggage is fashionable bags for travel with unique graphic and design as well as excellent functions.

    Travel Bag
  • Swimwear

    ELLE Swimwear delivers both sexy and elegant style with mix and match of modern and feminine pattern.

  • Handbag

    ELLE handbag suggests parisian's style with unique fabric, texture, and timeless design.

  • Bedding

    ELLE Bedding product suggests elegant style with French spirit as well as high-quality fablic and functionality.

  • Scarf & Muffler

    ELLE Scarf & Muffler is a polished coordination item with simple and elegant style.

    Scarf & Muffler
  • Umbrella

    ELLE Umbrella and parasol provide fashionable style and functionality at the same time with unique ELLE design pattern and high-quality.

  • Gloves

    ELLE Gloves deliver refined style with diverse materials and design.

  • Watch & Jewelry

    ELLE Watch & Jewelry delivers simple and sophisticated mood with fashionable style, luxurious fabric, and unique ELLE design.

    Watch & Jewelry
  • Legwear

     ELLE Legwear pursues practicality and fashion at the same time using high-quality materials and colorful styles.

  • Towel

    ELLE Towel is a high quality product with premium material and sophisticated style.

  • Bicycle

    ELLE Bicycle is a fashionable bike which is comfortable and super safe. 

  • Shoes

    ELLE Shoes is practical fashion shoes can be matched well within various occassions with trendy design and materials.  

  • Eyewear

    ELLE Eyewear expresses indivisuality and youthful feeling very well with modern and stylish design.