ELLE, that’s her!

The ELLE magazine has been founded by Hélène Lazareff on November 21st, 1945.

The Russian-born, Paris-raised journalist had returned to France after several years in New-York working for major media titles. She began to develop her own concept for a women’s magazine whose key editorial approach was “to open women’s appetites”.

At that time Paris had been ravaged by the war. That is why the mission of Hélène Lazareff was so unique, bold and revolutionary: a woman creating a magazine that would be run by a woman. The mission was to provide women with exclusive and unparalleled access to fashion and beauty while maintaining a closeness to its readers.

"Seriousness in frivolity and irony in graveness."
Hélène Lazareff | ELLE Founder


ELLE was to be a magazine of bias and convictions.

The cornerstone of the magazine was its underlying tone of "irony in seriousness, and seriousness in frivolity". ELLE has democratized fashion. The international roll-out of ELLE began in the United States in 1985. ELLE is the world's No.1 fashion magazine network. At ELLE, style is about everything. From the way a woman lives, to where she travels, to her taste in music, art, food, cars, and technology. In the 80's, ELLE became a global brand with the first ELLE ready-to-wear collection to be launched in Japan. It was just the beginning of more collections to come.

A unique lifestyle !

This way of life is the ELLE Brand, a symbol of a particular style and art of living, expressed in collections and services that translate

A sparkling spirit, unparalleled, knowing how to be serious without taking yourself seriously and showing elegance and audacity
An open-minded attitude to find enrichment in others and to indulge an insatiable curiosity for new ideas and new trails to blaze.
An undertaken contemporaneity for a brand that instinctively knows how to evolve and how to capture the spirit of the times.
A generosity grounded in values of respect, humanism and pleasure of sharing.